Why Should I Do My Acura Transmission Service?

Hop in the driver’s seat, fire up the engine, and drop the shifter into gear. You’re on your way now. But do you know the mechanics behind it? As you drive away, your Acura’s transmission engages the correct gear. Or at least, that’s what it should do. But your Acura might not if you haven’t had the transmission service done when it’s due.

What’s the Transmission Service About?

Just like engine oil changes, the fluid in the transmission is incredibly important to its health and operation. It cleans and lubricates inside the transmission and keeps the internal parts from overheating. But the transmission fluid plays a role that even engine oil doesn’t. Transmission fluid serves as hydraulic fluid too. Gear changes are dependent on the fluid to be full, clean, and in good condition. But over time, transmission fluid deteriorates. Particles develop that can damage moving parts, and if the fluid is low, clutches and other moving parts can overheat. A transmission service keeps the fluid in perfect condition. It prevents premature failure and keeps your Acura working as it should.

When Is My Acura Transmission Service Due?

When you purchase an Acura, a maintenance schedule is included in the literature. In the maintenance schedule, the transmission service is listed at a interval on your Maintenance Minder. However, it can be different depending on the model you drive, its year, and what type of use you subject it to. For example, on a 2016 Acura MDX, the transmission service is an item on the Maintenance Minder 2 package. It doesn’t list a specific interval, however it’s typically around 60,000 miles. But you’re not settled at that yet. Do you use your Acura MDX in severe conditions, or do you tow with your MDX regularly? You’ll need to have your transmission service performed more frequently, at 30,000 miles instead.   If you skip your transmission service, there might not be any immediate consequences. However, it can catch up with you down the road…literally. Transmission failure is no fun at all, and it’s always an expensive repair. Let Frank Leta Acura of Springfield perform all your routine maintenance including your transmission service and your Acura will enjoy a long, healthy life.