What’s Involved in an Acura Oil Change?

An oil change is the most frequent maintenance item on a vehicle, including an Acura. It serves a handful of critical purposes including engine cooling, lubrication, and cleaning. Everyone understands that it’s important to get an oil change regularly. But what does an Acura oil change involve?

What an Acura Oil Change Includes

It’s more than just a basic oil change when you visit Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. Here’s what an Acura oil change entails.

Drain and Refill the Engine Oil

The engine oil is drained until the very last drop, removing all the dirty oil from the engine. New oil, specific to your engine’s needs, is installed into the crankcase. Many Acura models use synthetic oil for the best protection.

Replace the Oil Filter

With every Acura oil change, a new genuine Acura oil filter is installed. It ensures the best filtering to keep your oil as clean as possible for as long as possible.

Check the Fluids

All the fluids are checked and topped up as required – even your windshield washer fluid!

Check and Adjust Tire Pressures

With every Acura oil change, your tires are inspected to ensure the tread depth is sufficient and the tread is wearing evenly. Your tire pressures are also checked and adjusted.

Complimentary Visual Inspection

With every service visit, your Acura receives a complimentary visual inspection. It’s just one of the ways we can earn your trust – by letting you know if everything is good, or if additional attention is required.

How Often Do I Need an Acura Oil Change?

Acura models use the Maintenance Minder system. It takes into consideration your vehicle use, operating conditions, and a bunch of other inputs to let you know when your Acura is due for its oil change. When your Maintenance Minder says ‘Service Due Soon’, it’s time to schedule your Acura oil change.