What You Need to Know About AcuraWatch

Driving enjoyment and performance are things you can’t ignore in an Acura. No matter which model you own, you’re going to love it. But what everyone can agree on is that there’s something more important than a fun drive, and that’s a safe drive. And that’s why there’s AcuraWatch.

What is AcuraWatch All About?

You know those moments where you don’t quite recall how you got from point A to point B? Or the second that you were distracted by a rear-seat passenger and weren’t watching the road? Or, the regret you’ve felt before when you’ve been in an accident that could’ve been avoided with a bit more attention? That’s what AcuraWatch is all about. It’s a suite of driver-assistive technologies that helps you stay in control and out of trouble, even when you aren’t paying attention. It doesn’t replace a driver’s focus and control. It just adds to it.

What’s Included In AcuraWatch?

Four key features are included in AcuraWatch.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

You’re about to get into an accident, but you haven’t responded to the danger yet. Your Acura can apply the brakes for you to help avoid or mitigate the impact of a collision. Whether you don’t spot the danger or aren’t paying attention, Collision Mitigation Braking System helps you stay out of an accident.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The on-again off-again cruise control setting can get annoying quickly. Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a max cruising speed and your desired following distance. There’s no need to keep adjusting the cruise control or tapping the brake. Adaptive Cruise Control makes your drive less stressful.

Lane Keeping Assist

If you’re drifting too close to your lane markings and haven’t signaled, your Acura will help bring you back to the center of your lane. It’s Lane Keeping Assist, and it provides gentle steering input to keep you safely centered in your lane. Don’t worry – if you signal a lane change, it won’t fight you.

Road Departure Mitigation

If it looks like your Acura is going to leave the road, it can act on your behalf. Road Departure Mitigation keeps an eye on road markings. If your Acura looks like it’s on track to go off track, steering input and brake assist can be automatically applied to reduce the severity of the impact.   AcuraWatch is available on all Acura models, and standard equipment on many. Visit Frank Leta Acura of Springfield to learn more about how AcuraWatch can help keep you safe while you drive.