What Acura of Springfield has to Offer

What the Acura Dealer Has to Offer

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used Acura or you already own an Acura model, you can benefit from the Acura dealer. I know you’re reading this on the Frank Leta Acura of Springfield blog, but it’s true! For anything related to an Acura you own, lease, or want to own or lease, you really should get to know the dealership. Here’s why.

The Acura Dealer Knows Their Stuff

Look, you could visit a bunch of car-shopping sites online. You could stop in at used car lots or ask your friends and family for car reviews. But there’s nothing like getting your information directly from the source. The staff at your local Acura dealer have the knowledge you’re looking for. They’re factory-trained professionals. You wouldn’t call a vacuum cleaner repair guy for information on your Mac laptop, would you? So why would you trust anyone other than an Acura dealer for accurate information about Acura models?

New Acura Inventory

No other dealerships can carry new Acura models, and that’s a fact. If you’re shopping for a new ILX, TLX, RLX, MDX, RDX, or even the NSX, you won’t find it anywhere other than an Acura dealer.

Used Vehicles for Sale

If you’re in the market for a used car, truck, SUV, or van, or don’t know what you’re looking for exactly, Frank Leta Acura of Springfield has answers. A well-stocked pre-owned car lot full of reconditioned, certified vehicles is sure to have what you need.

Acura Warranty Service

Need warranty repairs on your Acura? Only an Acura dealer can perform Acura warranty repairs and recalls. And when you’ve got coverage this good, you know two things: you won’t need many warranty repairs, and you’ll be taken care of at the Acura dealer for any warranty issues that need to be addressed. As well, Genuine Acura parts and accessories are only sold through the dealer. You can find low-quality knock-offs elsewhere, but when you want the good stuff, Frank Leta Acura of Springfield has it.