Acura Oil Change

What is Acura A1 Service?

What Acura A1 Service Means

Gone are the days of a little clear sticker on your windshield telling you an oil change is due in 3,000 miles or three months. It’s just not accurate anymore. That’s why the Acura Maintenance Minder system is used on Acura models of all kinds, helping you keep track of your routine maintenance easily. Plus, it’s a cleaner look on your windshield. But the Maintenance Minder doesn’t simply tell you service needs to be done soon, it tells you exactly which service. One of the most common is A1. But what is Acura A1 service all about?

What is Acura A1 Service?

In almost all cases, the first Maintenance Minder service you’ll see on your dashboard is ‘A1’. It’s pretty common too, and you’ll have it every so often on your vehicle. But what is it all about? It’s actually two services.

Acura A Service

The A is pretty standard stuff – it’s your oil change reminder. On the Acura Maintenance Minder A service, your engine oil needs to be replaced. At Frank Leta Acura of Springfield, your engine oil and filter are replaced using a Genuine Acura filter and the correct grade of oil as specified by the manufacturer.

Acura 1 Service

The second part is the Maintenance Minder 1 package. It’s simply a routine tire rotation. At Frank Leta Acura of Springfield, we check your tire pressure, tire condition, and rotate your tires. Tire pressure monitoring sensors are programmed too.

The Jay Wolfe Difference

You can count on Frank Leta Acura of Springfield to go above and beyond, even for a simple Maintenance Minder A1 service. Your Acura receives a complimentary inspection that includes your brakes, fluid levels and conditions, undercarriage and suspension check, and comprehensive vehicle report. It’s all done in a timely yet thorough manner because we know how valuable your time is. When you want the best Acura maintenance with complete customer care, choose Frank Leta Acura of Springfield!