What Do Those Warning Lights Mean?

When you turn the key from off to on, your Acura’s dash lights up. A bunch of lights in an array of colors illuminate for a moment or two, then they go off. Those are warning lights, but at that stage, it’s of no concern. That’s just a bulb check.

But if those warning lights stay on, or if they illuminate later while you’re driving, that’s a different story. That usually means something needs your attention - it’s your car trying to communicate with you.

What Do Your Warning Lights Mean?

Each symbol has a purpose, telling you something important. Its shape and color have meaning. Here, you’ll learn what some of those warning lights are trying to say.

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine light, or Malfunction Indicator Lamp, is shaped like a car’s engine. It’s rather boxy and lights up in an amber color. The Check Engine light is a one-size-fits-all indicator for mechanical issues. It doesn’t tell you the specific issue, just that there’s a problem that needs attention. Most commonly, it’s an emissions-related problem like a loose gas cap or oxygen sensor that need repair.

ABS Light

There are a couple of formats for ABS lights. One is a circle with ABS printed inside, while just the letters “ABS” can illuminate on other vehicles. In both cases, the light is amber and tells you there’s an anti-lock brakes system issue. Usually, the mechanical brakes will still operate properly, however you shouldn’t take chances for too long. Get it in and diagnosed sooner rather than later.

Battery Light

If the red battery light is on, you need to get your car checked soon. It’s a bit misleading – in most cases, it isn’t the battery itself that needs attention. It’s usually a charging system fault that illuminates this light. You might need an alternator repair on your Acura or there might be an electrical system problem elsewhere. If left too long, you could have a dead battery.

Oil Light

The red shape of an oil can is worrisome. This isn’t telling you that an oil change is due – it’s telling you that your engine is starved of oil pressure. Don’t brush this one off. Getting it looked after can potentially save you much heartache and cash in the long run.

Fuel Light

Yellow light. Shaped like a fuel pump. You know what it means. Go fill your tank.   If you have one of these lights, or a different one that has come on, visit Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. Our service department will get it looked after so you can continue driving trouble-free – except the fuel light. You’re on your own with that one.