Could a Used Acura Be Right For You?

It’s understandable – it’s not always a great time to buy a new car. Bills continue to stack up, cost of living expenses never go down, and life circumstances are always changing. Money is often tight, so you may have to forego a new car this time around. If that’s the case, is a used Acura the right choice for you?   A used Acura is always a great choice! Here are just a few reasons why:  

A Used Acura Retains Its Value

The Acura brand as a whole has been ranked as the best in retained value. When it comes time to sell your used Acura in exchange for a brand new model, you can expect it to hold its price point. After three years, five years, or more, your used Acura will still be worth more than its competitors

Used Acura Vehicles Are Amazingly Well-Equipped

When you look at new Acura models, you’ll find a great selection of standard equipment. Available options are on the cutting edge of technology, from Adaptive Cruise Control to Blind Spot Information Systems and Collision Mitigation Systems. That technology doesn’t disappear in a used Acura – you reap the benefits of all those goodies whether your car is a few months old or a few years old.

Acuras are an Outstanding Value

Compare an Acura’s standard equipment and available options with other premium and luxury brands. You’ll find that an Acura compares very closely in options, performance, and comfort with makes like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Even better, you’ll pay thousands of dollars less for an Acura compared to the other brands. That value filters down into the used car marketplace as well. If you’re in the market for a car or SUV, consider a used Acura as your own. With exceptional bang for your buck and backed by our Acura sales and service specialists, Frank Leta Acura of Springfield is the best choice for your next car.