Telltale Signs Your Acura Needs a Wheel Alignment

Summer or winter, spring or fall, hazards are all over the roads. They come in the form of ruts and potholes, or even the occasional curb. After some driving, your Acura just doesn’t handle the way it used to. Could it be that you need a wheel alignment?   Odds are pretty good that your wheel alignment is out of spec. But what are the signs you need a wheel alignment? If you have these symptoms, it’s best to get your Acura checked out.  

Steering Wheel is Off Center

If you can drive your car straight ahead and your steering wheel isn’t straight across, it’s a clear indication you need a wheel alignment. There may be a bent suspension or steering component or the adjustment may have been bumped out.

Steering Pulls Left or Right

When you’re driving straight ahead, do you have to pull to one side or the other to keep the straight line? It might be an alignment issue, or it could be a tire problem. Low tire pressure or a flaw in your tire could cause the pull, but the most common correction is a wheel alignment.

Your Steering is Tight or Loose

If you’re trying to turn either way and it feels like your power steering assist isn’t working, it could be an alignment issue known as toe-in, where the front wheels are ‘pigeon-toed’. Or, if it feels like you’re floating on the road and the steering doesn’t respond crisply, the wheel alignment concern responsible is known as toe-out.

Your Tires Are Abnormally Worn

Unusual tread wear, either on the inner shoulder, outer shoulder, or ‘feathering’ on the center of the tread, can indicate an alignment issue. It happens when the tires are scrubbing against the road because they aren’t pointed straight ahead.   Regardless of the symptom you have, you should have your wheels aligned to ensure you can handle your vehicle safely. A vehicle with improper alignment puts extra stress on the suspension and steering. Or, you can wear out your tires quickly. If you need an alignment, visit Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. We’ll perform a precision wheel alignment for your Acura to restore its handling, so you can love your drive once again.