Does Your Suspension Need Attention?

You drive your car every day. When you’re cruising down the Interstate or weaving your way through traffic at Missouri State University, it seems you’re always in the driver’s seat. After a little while, your Acura’s smooth, refined suspension gets a little bumpy. You feel those potholes more than you used to and the speed bumps are a little more harsh. A rattle or clunk might even be heard from time to time from your suspension. Yes, even Acura cars and SUVs will eventually need suspension work. From struts and shocks to sway bar links and control arm bushings, your car’s suspension components are designed to flex, absorb vibration, and wear out before other major components.

Does Your Suspension Need Attention? Here’s How You’ll Know

Clunking Over Bumps

A clunk noise or feeling happens when a part is loose or broken. Normally it sounds much worse than the problem actually is. However, clunking over bumps is a clear sign you need suspension work. The noise can come from one or more locations, front or rear. It might be a loose sway bar, a bent strut rod, leaked-out shocks, or even a steering component like a tie rod end. Clunking from under your Acura should signal a service visit.

Rattling Over Rough Roads

It might be from the front or rear of your Acura. A rattle is usually a lighter noise than a clunk and less harsh. Most times, rattling is also due to looseness or wear in your suspension. Typical issues include loose stabilizer links or bushings or weak struts. It might also be something unrelated like rattling brake pads. In any case, it should be looked at.

Off-Center Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel has shifted from horizontal to off-center, something has cause it. You may have hit a pothole or curb, and it might be accompanied by a shimmy in the steering wheel while you drive. A bent control arm or another suspension or steering part can cause your steering wheel to be off-center. Once it’s found and repaired, an alignment will also need to be performed. If you need Acura suspension repairs diagnosed or performed in Springfield, trust Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. Our technicians are the best choice to find any issues your Acura may have and all repairs will be thorough, accurate, and competitively priced. Why choose anyone else for your Acura suspension repairs?