Signs You Need Brake Repairs

Hint: it’s not just squealing brakes that mean you need brake repairs.   When you’re cruising through town in your Acura, there’s a great source of pride you feel. You’re driving a premium vehicle, full of top-of-the-line luxury features. Your vehicle has incredible performance, accelerating quickly and handling nimbly around every corner. Yet, when you come to a stop, you’ve developed a pesky brake noise.   What does it mean? You seem to stop alright but the noise isn’t going away on its own. Here are a few signs your Acura needs brake repairs.  

Grinding brakes

When you press your brake pedal, it should feel smooth through your foot. If it feels like you’re dragging your shoe along rough pavement and you hear a grinding noise, there’s a serious problem. Most commonly, this indicates your brake pads are worn out and there is metal grinding against the rotor. Not only is this condition increasingly expensive to repair, it’s dangerous. Your stopping distance is markedly longer so you might not be able to avoid surprises on the road. Get your brakes looked at right away.  

Squeaky brakes

If a rotational squeaky noise is heard when you press the brakes, it could mean one of several things. Your brakes might be wet or dirty, or it could be an early warning sign that your brake pad material is nearly worn out. You don’t want to wait too long before addressing the squeak if it continues. However, if it goes away on its own, it was likely just moisture.  

Squealing brakes

When you first start driving after your car is parked, it’s common to get a bit of a squeal on the first press of the brakes. It’s just your brake pads wearing minute amounts of corrosion off the rotor. However, if that squealing continues or gets worse, you may need brake repairs. Squealing brakes on application can indicate worn out brake pads or a seized caliper. It’s your vehicle’s way of telling you it needs brake repairs soon.   If you have one of these symptoms or your Acura just doesn’t stop as well as it used to, don’t delay. Get down to Frank Leta Acura of Springfield for a comprehensive brake inspection. Our service professionals will ensure your Acura is safe to drive so you can stop on a dime.