Signs Your Acura Brakes Need Attention

Imagine driving your Acura MDX down James River Freeway. It’s all fine and clear when suddenly someone pulls in front of you. You hit the brakes hard and…your SUV darts to the right. Or, maybe your steering wheel shudders violently. Perhaps your car just doesn’t slow down in time and you can’t avoid the collision. When you have an issue with your Acura brakes, it can be hard to predict what will happen when you need to stop. It all starts with education. You need to know the symptoms of problems with your Acura brakes. Because when you can recognise there’s a problem, you can get your Acura back in shape for safe driving sooner rather than later.

Signs Your Acura Brakes Aren’t Quite Right

Brake Pulsation

When you press the brake pedal, it should feel smooth and consistent. It definitely shouldn’t feel like the pedal is kicking back at you or that you’re fighting the steering wheel. If there’s a rhythmic shaking in the steering wheel or the brake pedal only when you press it, it’s called brake pulsation. It happens when your Acura brakes have warped rotors. In some cases, the rotors can be resurfaced and reused, but it’s usually best to have them replaced.

Brake Fade

If you press the brake pedal and your Acura doesn’t respond quickly, it’s brake fade. You’ll know that’s what it is because it gets progressively worse the longer you drive. As your brakes heat up, brake fluid or friction surfaces react to the heat. At times, it can feel like you no longer have power brake assist. It needs to get diagnosed by the Acura dealer to determine the cause and the necessary repair.

Brake Warning Lights

Another major concern is when the brake warning lights are illuminated on the dashboard. It could be the parking brake indicator or the ABS brakes indicator that comes on. When the lights are on, you can’t be sure that your brakes are going to function properly when you need them. Or, your ABS brakes or traction control might not be in working order. The service department at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield needs to diagnose the cause of the warning lights and fix it.   Whatever your Acura brakes have going on, we’re here to help. Frank Leta Acura of Springfield has factory-trained technicians who will diagnose and fix whatever braking issues you may have. We want you to feel confident and secure in your vehicle!