Services the Acura Dealer Should Perform

It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re looking for a project to do. The lawn is already cut, the dishes are done, and the house is in order. Your Acura is due for an oil change, so maybe you could try your hand at that. Or is that something the Acura dealer should perform? We get it. You want to take pride in your car and do your own vehicle maintenance and repairs. You might even save a few dollars while you’re at it, but is it really worth servicing your own vehicle? There are a few services should be able to do as a car owner. You should know how to check your fluid levels, top up your oil, check your air filter condition, and change your wiper blades. You should be able to test your tire pressure and add air if you need to. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, however, your Acura dealer is the best place to take your car. Here are a few services your Acura dealer should do for you.

  1. Oil and filter change. When we change your oil and filter, we always use the right grade of oil and the correct Acura oil filter. As well, we perform a visual inspection to make sure everything else is in good working order. If it isn’t we tell you.
  2. Tire rotation. We’ll check your tire condition for abnormal wear patterns that can indicate suspension or steering problems. We also check your brakes, wheel hubs, and other parts to make sure you’re able to drive safely.
  3. Transmission service. Transmission services are one of the more expensive services, but your transmission service is only required every 60,000 miles. So, when you average the cost of a transmission fluid service, it’s less than the cost of an oil change over the same time frame. It’s crucial that it’s done properly and, in addition to changing the fluid, we check to make sure it’s shifting properly once the service is complete.
  4. Timing belt replacement. Your timing belt should also be replaced every 60,000 miles. It’s a very precise procedure and is not really a do-it-yourself project. Special tools and equipment are required to change the timing belt, plus we check the tensioner and water pump while we perform your timing belt replacement.
If it’s time for any of these services, call your local Acura dealer, Acura of Springfield, to schedule an appointment today.