Why Should You Service at the Acura Dealership?

Hey, we get it. There are plenty of options around Springfield to service your new Acura. Your buddy at the shop on the corner, the great deals at the big box store, and the quick-lube shop just down the street — they all claim to be the right choice to service your vehicle. But can they stack up to the Acura dealership?

The simple answer: the Acura dealership is simply your best choice.

Consider these examples. You’re getting your oil and filter change and there’s a slight leak detected underneath. It might be nothing, but the big box store wants to change a gasket here and a seal there. But don’t you have warranty? If you had gone to the Acura dealership, any defective seals in the powertrain are covered under the extended powertrain warranty. No need to pay, no need to go somewhere else to get it done. It’s all under one roof. Your buddy is doing a wheel alignment on your Acura and can’t seem to get it driving straight AND have a centered steering wheel at the same time. You’re grateful for your friend, but you’d rather have your alignment done correctly. At the Acura dealership, the factory-trained technicians know your vehicle best, and have the factory specifications to get the job right the first time. You’re driving through Springfield and your Check Engine light comes on. You pop into the corner shop to have it scanned ‘for free’, only to find that a full and proper diagnosis can’t be done with their generic equipment. At the Acura dealership, we have the right tools and the latest equipment to diagnose and repair everything that might concern your Acura. You’re having new tires installed down the street. They recommend a few different services you should have done at the same time, but you’re just not sure. Haven’t you already had some of that done? And isn’t it too early for the others? At the Acura dealership, we have exceptional deals on all your vehicle maintenance items, including replacement tires. As well, we won’t try to upsell you on maintenance items that aren’t necessary according to your Acura maintenance guide. It’s a clear choice. The Acura dealer is the best place for all your vehicle care. And in Springfield, the best choice is Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. Call us or visit us today to discover the Jay Wolfe difference.