Is It Safe to Submit an Online Credit Application?

You want to buy a car but you’re not sure how much you can finance? You’ve had credit problems in the past but need a new vehicle? Your work or relationship status has changed and you’re not sure if you can still buy a car? One common option on a dealership’s website is to submit an online credit application. Is it safe to fill out an online credit app? You may have steered clear of online credit applications in the past out of security concerns. But if it’s offered, it must be alright to use…right?

Your Information is Secure in an Online Credit Application

Reputable dealers like Frank Leta Acura of Springfield offer secure, encrypted online credit application processes. You don’t have to worry about your information spreading all over the internet – 128-bit encryption means your details can only be viewed by the people you’ve sent them to.

Your Details are Confidential

Then, when your online credit application arrives at the dealership, they’re kept secure and confidential. The finance manager that receives your application treats you with the utmost respect. In many cases, even your sales professional doesn’t see the information! Your situation is private and you can expect the highest respect and consideration when you submit an online credit application.

You Only Provide the Necessary Information

If you’re worried about us digging up your past, don’t be! We don’t need all the dirty details of your personal life. Your credit application is intended to help you finance an Acura, and that’s all. As such, the online credit app only asks for the information our finance managers need to get you approved for a car loan. We don’t need to know the middle name of your firstborn child, nor your most recent online shopping purchase. It’s strictly the pertinent information to secure a car loan.   Want to know more about the credit application procedure? Give us a call at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. Our finance managers will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you’d prefer to submit your credit application over the phone or in person, we can do that as well!