Is Rustproofing Necessary for my Acura?

You’ve made a wise choice to buy an Acura. Acura cars from the RLX to the ILX, and SUVs from the MDX to the RDX are manufactured to the highest standard. That means each part is produced using the highest quality materials, whether the interior fabric, the plastics and moldings, the electrical controls and buttons, and yes, even the steel its body is made from. So is rustproofing necessary then? What is Rustproofing? There are a couple different kinds of rustproofing that you may be offered. One is the conventional spray that’s applied to the inside of body panels. It’s an oily or waxy coating that protects the places you aren’t able to clean, and places that may not have been fully coated by rust inhibitor during manufacturing. The other is an electronic rust module. It uses a very mild electronic charge from your Acura’s battery to repel the corrosive action. It works right down to an atomic level to prevent the corrosive action of rust. What is Rustproofing Necessary? If Acura vehicles are made to the highest standard, why is it necessary to apply rustproofing? It’s because, though it’s almost the perfect vehicle, not even Acura cars can prevent the environmental elements from causing damage. Whether you use the best steel available, the best manufacturing techniques, and the best protective primers and paints, the elements can still cause corrosion and rust. Rustproofing prevents rust from forming on your Acura, not just on the exterior but from the inside out. In addition to keeping your Acura in the best condition possible, having your vehicle rustproofed will help minimize depreciation. When it’s time to upgrade to the newest model, you’ll be able to get the most from your Acura if you’ve had it rustproofed, simply because you’ve shown you’ve gone above and beyond to care for it. If you have questions about rustproofing or any other vehicle protection services, or to find out more about protecting your Acura, contact one of our sales professionals today.