Rules Your Teen Driver Should Know

Kids grow up way too fast. Before you know it, they’re learning to drive, then asking for the keys. And the first time your teen driver takes the car out on their own, there’s no way you can settle down until it’s safely back in the driveway. You may be rightly concerned because of their lack of driving experience. Your Acura is a premium vehicle and you want to know your teen driver will be taking the utmost care of your car. With a few ground rules, you can have your Acura back in your possession so you can breathe easier.

Rule #1: The car comes back with the same amount of fuel (or more).

Learning to drive requires responsibility. Teach your teen driver that by requiring them to fuel your car for you. If they don’t have their own job yet, you might want to advance them their allowance to put fuel in.

Rule #2: If you drive, you clean.

When it’s time for a car wash, your teen driver should take part. It might be taking your Acura through the automatic car wash at the gas station or performing a full detail on the driveway. Regardless of how it’s done, your young driver should be involved. They may even be required to wash your car every Saturday as a thank-you to you.

Rule #3: Teen drivers take part in the vehicle maintenance.

Decide how your teen driver can take part in keeping your Acura operating at its best. You may agree to “garnish” a portion of their allowance or have them pay for an oil change here or there. Show them where all the service points are, and how to change a tire.

Rule #4: If you break it, you fix it.

Taking onus for one’s actions is part of adulthood. So if your teen driver causes a problem with your Acura or damages something, they should take responsibility for it and repair it. It may be a scratch or door ding, or hitting a curb. And yes, you may have to help out financially to get it fixed.   When the time comes for a new vehicle for you or your teen, choose Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. Or if there’s an oops with your Acura, our service department is here to help.