Reduce Fuel Consumption With these Five Tips

Gas seems to disappear faster than you’d imagine, and it’s not cheap. It feels like you’re just lighting your Benjamins on fire and watching them go up in smoke. Even for fuel efficient models like the Acura ILX and the always useful RDX, it would be great if your gas would go further. It can, if you use these tips to reduce fuel consumption.

Eliminate Idling Time to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Idling your engine is a waste of money. Whether you’re waiting for kids at the end of the school day or waiting for your coffee order to be ready, you can reduce fuel consumption by turning off your engine. Unlike old technology, it takes very little fuel to restart your engine compared with idling for even a few minutes.

Change Your Commute

Sometimes the shortest way isn’t the fastest or most efficient route to the office. Evaluate your commute to determine if you could find a shorter way to and from work. And if you can’t find a shorter way, perhaps you can shift your hours to avoid the heaviest commuting traffic at rush hour.

Change Your Engine Air Filter

A clogged air filter chokes your engine, causing it to draw in more fuel to compensate for a lack of oxygen. A clean air filter flows easily, reducing fuel consumption because the engine can burn air readily. It’s the least costly maintenance item on your car, so change the air filter annually.

Have the Engine Oil Changed

Dirty engine oil causes more friction inside the engine. It requires your car to burn more fuel to overcome that friction. Change your oil whenever the Maintenance Minder tells you it’s due to keep your engine oil in good condition.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressures that are 5 PSI low can affect your fuel economy by up to 2 percent. Make sure your tires are at the right pressure according to your car’s specifications to get the best combination of comfort and rolling resistance.