Why is Powertrain Warranty Important?

When you were shopping for your Acura car or SUV, you heard plenty of references to the outstanding powertrain warranty. You read about, or were told about, the amazing 6-year, 70,000-mile powertrain coverage on new Acuras. But maybe it went over your head, or you may not understand why the emphasis on that warranty coverage.

What is Powertrain Warranty?

First, you need to understand what is meant by the term “powertrain”. It indicates the collective systems that propel the vehicle in motion. Here’s what those systems are: Engine – you probably know what this is all about. It’s the power generation station, where controlled explosions in the cylinders force pistons up and down thousands of times per minute. This turns a crankshaft and flywheel, which in turn provide input for the next system Transmission – This system takes the inputted power from the engine and makes it controllable. Gears and clutches allow the driver to smoothly accelerate and drive. It also allows the driver to change direction between forward and reverse. Differential – the transmission sends power to the differential. On Acura vehicles with front wheel drive, the differential is inside the transmission assembly. On all-wheel drive models, there’s a second differential at the rear. The differential changes the direction of the power, sending it to the wheels. Axles and driveshafts – these items are included in the powertrain warranty as well. They make sure power is transferred without leaching too much torque.

Why is Powertrain Warranty Important?

You might think the most important reason for a longer powertrain warranty is because the components are expensive to repair. While that may be true, that’s not the most important reason for the extra coverage. Simply, the powertrain warranty tells you that Acura believes in their vehicles. They know that each part is constructed of high-quality materials and is assembled in a precise and dependable way. They know that, while breakdowns can occur, it’s much less likely because of their stringent manufacturing. And so, they provide an amazing powertrain warranty with each of their models. If you don’t own an Acura right now, you should check them out. You know it’s an excellent choice — the powertrain warranty tells the story. Visit Jay Wolfe Acura of Springfield to see the wide selection of Acura models in stock.

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