Personalize Your MDX with Acura Accessories

Your Acura MDX is unique compared to all the boring, run-of-the-mill midsize SUVs on the market today. The problem is that there are thousands of other car buyers who know it too. With more and more Acura MDX SUVs on the street, you need some way to know which one is yours. (Ever lost your car in a parking lot?) You can personalize your MDX though, giving it a look all its own and making it easy to identify. All it takes are a few Acura accessories. There are dozens of Acura accessories available for the Acura MDX. You can choose one or choose a bunch – it’s all about making your MDX special to you, reflecting your personality. And with that, here are five Acura accessories for the MDX that can make you stand out in a crowd.

Moonroof Visor

As you look over the car roofs in the parking lot, you can narrow down yours quickly with a moonroof visor. It’s extremely simple to install and manufactured for a perfect fit and longevity. In addition to looking great, your moonroof visor will help deflect noise and prevent buffeting when your moonroof is open.

Rear Bumper Protector

The brushed aluminum look is in these days. This simple-to-install accessory adds flair to your back bumper without requiring drilling. And in addition to being flashy, the rear bumper protector means you won’t be scuffing your paint when you load and unload items from the spacious hatch on your MDX.

Acura Accessories Roof Rails

Don’t settle for the cheap junk online. Pick Acura roof rails for your MDX to set it apart in the crowd. These aren’t just functional – they look fantastic. Finished in a durable chrome appearance, they mimic the trim on the rest of your vehicle. It also gives you the ability to carry long or bulky items atop your vehicle instead of inside.

Running Boards

Not everyone wants the same look for their vehicle, and Acura is happy to comply. Acura Accessories offers three different running board designs to choose from: Sport, Advance, and Advance Chrome. Pick the one that catches your eye and have them installed at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield.

LED Fog Lights

It’s an accessory you can’t believe you did without. LED fog lights from Acura Accessories are a perfect fit for your MDX. Their cutting-edge design is sleek and looks like factory equipment. The wiring ties into your current MDX harness without any splicing or cutting. Best of all, you’ll have the best visibility possible at night time.   Whatever Acura accessories you want for your MDX, you’ll find at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. Our service department can install them at a competitive rate that includes warranty, or you can pick the parts up and install them on your own.

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