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Acura Oil Change

What is Acura A1 Service?

What Acura A1 Service Means Gone are the days of a little clear sticker on your windshield telling you an oil change is due in 3,000 miles or three months. It’s just not accurate anymore. That’s why the Acura Maintenance Minder system is used on Acura models of all kinds, helping you keep track of

Accident History? Check for Hidden Damage in These 5 Places

When you’re car shopping, you’ll encounter many, many vehicles that have an accident history. It’s common – so common that you might have a hard time finding the right one for you that DOESN’T have an accident in its past. And the number one deterrent for buying a car that’s been in a fender bender

Signs Your Acura Brakes Need Attention

Imagine driving your Acura MDX down James River Freeway. It’s all fine and clear when suddenly someone pulls in front of you. You hit the brakes hard and…your SUV darts to the right. Or, maybe your steering wheel shudders violently. Perhaps your car just doesn’t slow down in time and you can’t avoid the collision.

Where to Go for Acura Repairs

Decisions, decisions. Something isn’t working right in your Acura, the Check Engine light is on, or there’s a funny noise. You have to decide where to bring it to get it fixed. That can be a tough choice, especially if you bought a used Acura somewhere other than the dealership. But regardless of how old

Telltale Signs Your Acura Needs a Wheel Alignment

Summer or winter, spring or fall, hazards are all over the roads. They come in the form of ruts and potholes, or even the occasional curb. After some driving, your Acura just doesn’t handle the way it used to. Could it be that you need a wheel alignment?   Odds are pretty good that your

Does Your Suspension Need Attention?

You drive your car every day. When you’re cruising down the Interstate or weaving your way through traffic at Missouri State University, it seems you’re always in the driver’s seat. After a little while, your Acura’s smooth, refined suspension gets a little bumpy. You feel those potholes more than you used to and the speed

Service Basics: What is a Serpentine Belt?

Every Acura on the road today is packed with features from bumper to bumper. Somewhere in between, at the front of the engine, there are a couple critical components that rely on the engine’s rotation to operate. That’s only possible if those systems are connected to the engine in some way. That’s where a serpentine

How Does a Dual Clutch Transmission Work?

You’ve seen a dual clutch transmission advertised by Acura for a few different vehicles. The Acura TLX, the Acura ILX and sport hybrid models use the dual clutch transmission to create the most performance-oriented experience from your Acura. But what is it all about? How does it work, and what does it do for you?

What Do Those Warning Lights Mean?

When you turn the key from off to on, your Acura’s dash lights up. A bunch of lights in an array of colors illuminate for a moment or two, then they go off. Those are warning lights, but at that stage, it’s of no concern. That’s just a bulb check. But if those warning lights

Why is Powertrain Warranty Important?

When you were shopping for your Acura car or SUV, you heard plenty of references to the outstanding powertrain warranty. You read about, or were told about, the amazing 6-year, 70,000-mile powertrain coverage on new Acuras. But maybe it went over your head, or you may not understand why the emphasis on that warranty coverage.

Signs You Need Brake Repairs

Hint: it’s not just squealing brakes that mean you need brake repairs.   When you’re cruising through town in your Acura, there’s a great source of pride you feel. You’re driving a premium vehicle, full of top-of-the-line luxury features. Your vehicle has incredible performance, accelerating quickly and handling nimbly around every corner. Yet, when you