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Why Tires Need to be Balanced

How Do You Know if Tire Balancing is Required?

You’re at the service department and you’re told your Acura needs tire balancing. Of course, you know your ILX (or maybe MDX, RDX, or TLX) isn’t new anymore, but really? What’s wrong with your tires? Is there a reason your tires need to be balanced? How can you tell when tire balancing is necessary? What […]

Why Should I Do My Acura Transmission Service?

Hop in the driver’s seat, fire up the engine, and drop the shifter into gear. You’re on your way now. But do you know the mechanics behind it? As you drive away, your Acura’s transmission engages the correct gear. Or at least, that’s what it should do. But your Acura might not if you haven’t […]

Don’t Neglect a Tire Rotation, and Here’s Why

When you buy any vehicle, including an Acura, you’ll receive an owner’s manual and other ownership documents. One of those includes a recommended maintenance schedule, which is the best way to keep your vehicle maintained while you own it. It has your typical services: oil and filter changes, transmission services, coolant changes, and so on. […]

What’s Involved in an Acura Oil Change?

An oil change is the most frequent maintenance item on a vehicle, including an Acura. It serves a handful of critical purposes including engine cooling, lubrication, and cleaning. Everyone understands that it’s important to get an oil change regularly. But what does an Acura oil change involve? What an Acura Oil Change Includes It’s more […]

Where Can You Buy Acura Tires?

If you are an average driver in Springfield, you put on anywhere between 12,000 and 15,000 miles per year. At that rate, it’s only a few years until your new Acura begins to lose its grip…on the road, that is. Tires wear down, of this there is no way to avoid. Aggressive drivers will notice […]

It Isn’t Too Early to Think About Winter Car Care

The leaves are turning colors and you need to rake the yard. There’s a chance of frost overnight. Using the air conditioning happens less frequently and you’ve scheduled a furnace tune-up. It’s autumn, and that means the snow and cold aren’t far away. And while you’re getting your home ready, have you considered winter car […]

Your Car Battery Might Be Toast and You Don’t Know It

It often comes as a shock. You try to start your car but when you turn the key, there’s no response. Your doors strangely didn’t unlock with the key fob. The lights don’t come on. The radio doesn’t play your favorite song that you’ve set to repeat. And when you try to start the car, […]

When Your Fuel Mileage Doesn’t Seem Quite Right…

There’s simply no avoiding the gas station when you own a car. If you plan on driving your Acura, you’ll need to fill the tank with fuel. But if it seems like it’s disappearing faster than it should or your fuel mileage isn’t as good as it once was, you there might be something going […]

Don’t Forget to Check Your Fluids!

Whether you own a brand new Acura MDX, you’re leasing an Acura ILX or your Acura TL has a few years under its belt, proper maintenance will keep it running at peak performance and trouble-free. Between maintenance visits to your Acura dealer, though, you are tasked with a few simple items. You need to keep […]

How is Your Acura Air Conditioning Doing?

It’s that time of the year when temperatures start to climb. It’s shorts weather, time for a picnic, or a trip to the beach. It’s quite comfortable to be outside, but inside your Acura, the mercury skyrockets. How is your Acura air conditioning performing? Maybe you remember that it wasn’t keeping you all that cool […]

The Lowdown on TPMS Systems

If you’ve ever had a flat tire on your Acura, you know the frustration that you experience because of it. For that matter, if you’ve even had a low tire and had to find a gas station with compressed air, you can empathize. And that’s precisely why TPMS systems were developed. You may recall at […]