New Car Owners Need to Know This!

If you’ve been driving for a while and this Acura isn’t your first vehicle, you likely have developed vehicle habits and driving skills. You don’t need to be a professional race circuit driver to safely travel the streets of Springfield, and you don’t need to be a factory-trained mechanic to take care of your new car. But if this is your first car, you may not know the basics about vehicle ownership. In fact, there are a few things new car owners need to know.

Timely Routine Maintenance Will Make Your Acura Last

It’s a new car and if you put off your oil change for a while, you probably won’t run into any immediate problems. However, prolonged maintenance intervals can start to take their toll inside your engine. Sludge deposits can build up and starve your engine of oil. Excessive tire wear can occur if your tires aren’t rotated regularly. Stick as close to the manufacturer’s maintenance guide as possible for the longest-lasting performance and vehicle life.

Car Detailing is Part of Vehicle Maintenance

Eventually, your Acura is going to get dirty. New car owners may not consider the time commitment to vehicle detailing, nor the consequences that come with lack of detailing. If road salt and sand is left on your vehicle, it can eat away at your paint’s finish. That leaves your new car susceptible to rust and corrosion. Your Acura will stay looking good longer and will last longer if it’s kept clean. Detail your car at least monthly.

Perform a Vehicle Inspection Every Fuel Fill

It doesn’t have to be much. When you stop for gas, pop the hood and check your fluids. Make sure all the levels are appropriate and top up your washer fluid. Walk around your car, checking for anything abnormal like a low tire, body damage, or burnt out lights. These small things can keep you safe on the road.

Attend a New Car Owners Clinic

Learn as much about your car as possible. Drop in at a new car owners clinic to discover features you may not have found yet as well as routine maintenance techniques. Your Acura ownership will be even better if you learn as much about your vehicle as possible.