Need to Improve Your Fuel Economy? Here’s How

Your Acura has been expertly engineered for a great balance of power and fuel economy. But along with gas-powered engines come a variable that’s difficult to plan for — fuelling up at the gas station. So the best we can do is achieve the best fuel economy with what we have. You might feel like your Acura is burning more gas than it should. Unless your Check Engine light is on, however, it’s probably not your vehicle that’s causing the excessive fuel usage. It’s probably a result of your actions and habits.

Here are a few ideas to improve your fuel economy in your Acura.

  1. Use the recommended fuel grade. If your vehicle recommends premium fuel, that’s what you should use. It may run alright on regular but you might find you have less power and worse fuel economy. You might even get engine pinging if you’re accelerating hard in your Acura.
  2. Limit your idle time. You may not think idling for 10 minutes to warm up your car is an issue, but it can consume more fuel than you’d imagine. That’s when the engine is least efficient, and to top it off, warming up your car isn’t as effective on cars with aluminum blocks. You’ll have better results if you drive your car shortly after starting it. As a bonus, you’ll spend less on gas.
  3. Replace your air filter. A dirty air filter is like choking your engine. Your engine requires massive amounts of air to run smoothly — much more than the fuel you burn. If your engine can’t breathe well enough, it’s going to use more fuel to compensate for it. And then your fuel gauge needle drops faster….
  4. Keep your tires properly inflated. It might not seem like much, but 5 PSI low on tire pressure can reduce your fuel economy by 2 percent or more. Every little bit helps, though, and proper tire inflation will save you the expense of replacing your tires prematurely as well.
  5. Take it easy on the acceleration. Your Acura is powerful and fun to drive, but exercising a little restraint can save you a few bucks. When you don’t need the full extent of your power, accelerate modestly to make your fuel go a little further.
  If your Check Engine light is on, your fuel economy is likely to suffer quite a bit — up to 40% worse, in fact! Have Frank Leta Acura of Springfield check it out and repair it so you can get back to your regular routine.