Make Your Tires Last Longer With These Simple Tips

Oh, those black rubber rings that your car rides on… When your tires are new, your Acura drives so well. You have traction in rain, snow, ice, and on those steamy hot days as well. Yet as you drive longer and further, the tread wears down and your Acura just doesn’t handle as nice anymore. The same thing that makes tires so effective is their downfall. Their soft rubber compound means they ‘stick’ to the road better, but it also means they wear faster. And harder tires last longer on average, but you don’t get the best traction in inclement weather. Your tires will eventually wear out no matter what you do, but you can make them last as long as possible using a few simple tips and techniques.

Keep your tire pressures correct.

Weather changes affect your tire pressure, especially when there are big swings in temperature. Low tire pressures increase wear on the outer edges of your tires, and high tire pressures mean the center section of the tread wears faster. Check and adjust your tire pressures at least once a month to prevent abnormal wear from improper inflation.

Rotate your tires.

You can ensure your tires wear evenly by getting a tire rotation performed every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. When you don’t get tire rotations performed, one pair of tires may completely wear out while the other two remain nearly new. That can cause poor handling, especially in bad weather.

Get a wheel alignment.

If your wheel alignment is out, your tires ‘scrub’. That means they aren’t running straight along the road, and the result is excessive wear on your tires. While your tread is wearing out exponentially faster, there’s more stress on steering and suspension parts too. That can mean additional repairs that could have been avoided.

Get steering and suspension repairs completed.

Don’t wait for steering and suspension repairs. A weak strut can cause tire wear from the odd movement, and a messed-up wheel bearing can cause symptoms similar to a bad wheel alignment. When mechanical problems are present, your tires often suffer. Most importantly, drive responsibly. It’s fun to hammer on the gas once in awhile, but your tires will take the brunt of the wear when you do so regularly. And when it comes time to replace your hoops, get a high-quality set of replacement tires from your local Acura dealer, Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. We’ll match you up with the right set of tires for your vehicle, suited to your driving habits and your budget.