Make the Most of Your Test Drive

One of the most exciting parts of buying a new Acura is the test drive. You’re out on the road, cruising through the city or on the highway, enjoying the feeling of a new car. The, all too soon, your test drive ends and you’re faced with a decision — should you buy the Acura you just drove or keep looking? You can make your test drive even more valuable with a few simple tips and tricks. They’re going to help you decide if the vehicle you’re driving is the right fit for you.

Take Some Time Getting Comfortable

Before you get out onto the road, sit in the driver’s seat and make all your adjustments. Align the mirrors so you can properly see. Move the seat to find the most comfortable driving position for you. Adjust the radio and familiarize yourself with all the controls — where are the wipers and the lights? By taking your time in the driver’s seat, you can make your test drive last longer, discovering if you’ll be comfortable on longer drives. You’ll also have a safer test drive.

Test Drive a Familiar Route

It’s not possible, but if you can, drive a road or route you’ve taken many times before. Compare the Acura’s feel to your current vehicle, noting its responsiveness and handling. Does it feel like you have great control and confidence behind the wheel of the Acura?

Park the Car

It sounds strange, but hit up a parking lot and try it out. Park forwards into a spot, then reverse into another. Even try parallel parking. If you can park a car, it means you’re probably comfortable behind the wheel, and the vehicle size is a good fit.

Drive it Like It’s Meant to be Driven

Don’t go too crazy here. It’s not yours…yet. However, you want to know what the Acura you’re testing out is capable of doing. Keeping in mind the road conditions, accelerate, brake, and test the handling to discover if you’re going to enjoy the driving experience over the next few years. Plus, this is what makes a test drive so much fun. To test drive your next Acura, visit Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. We’ll get you behind the wheel of an Acura that fits your wants and needs.