Make Your Acura Test Drive Really Count

Car shopping can be quite fun as you test drive a bunch of different models. Inevitably, Acura is going to be on your short list because of how great the Acura experience is. But even though you know they are great cars, how can you tell which one is right for you? Your decision is usually heavily weighted by your test drive.   If you’re going to make a decision to buy a car, make your test drive really count! Not sure how to do that? Here are a few tips:  

Get Familiar With the Car

Before you hit the road on your test drive, spend some time in the driver’s seat. Acquaint yourself with the controls and switches, adjust the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel, and settle on a radio station. All the while you do this, you’re familiarizing yourself with the car, from where the buttons are to how best to find a comfortable position. Your salesperson will gladly give you the time to do this.  

Test Drive Familiar Routes

If you normally drive on Route 66, not through the city, make sure your test drive route will take you that way. You’re already acquainted with the traffic, the bumps, and the on and off-ramps, which means you can focus more on discovering the car and not on the road ahead. It’s an excellent way to compare the new Acura with your old vehicle.  

Take Your Time

You want to be sure you’re choosing the right car. It’s a big purchase after all. Give yourself plenty of time when you’re car shopping to take a lengthy test drive. Take a few city roads. Head out on the highway for a bit. Go through the Starbucks drive-thru. Let it feel like YOUR car.  

Drive Like It’s Meant to be Driven

Acura vehicles are powerful and fun to drive. Experience the thrill of the drive (within legal limits, of course). Test the acceleration, the braking, and the steering. Crank the tunes to your favorite 80s hair band. Turn on the heated seat or the air conditioning to get comfortable.   Discover your new Acura at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. With a great selection of new and used vehicles in stock, you’ll want to experience the Jay Wolfe difference.