Just the beginning of a lifelong relationship

Leta 4 Life is more than a set of benefits. It’s our promise to you: At every step of your journey through life, Leta is there for you. Over a lifetime, and for every time of life. Birthdays, graduations, first dates, and first jobs.

We just like taking care of people.


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When you buy a new vehicle from Frank Leta, enjoy peace of mind with an included lifetime warranty! No dealership includes a more comprehensive warranty on their new vehicles, as ours offers coverage above and beyond just the powertrain. So enjoy a worry-free ownership experience for as long as you own your vehicle.

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LifetimeCar Washes

This isn’t your dad’s free dealership carwash. You know, the kind that takes too long and makes you get a real car wash afterward? We recently invested in a brand new state-of-the-art car wash that is among the best machines on the market. And, we have an expert wash team to put on the finishing touches, including a hand dry and vacuum.

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LifetimePickup & Delivery

Life is hectic, and it’s hard to find the time to stop by for routine maintenance. That’s why we offer lifetime pick up and delivery. Just tell us the place and time and we’ll drive out to you, swap your vehicle with a complimentary vehicle loaner, complete the requested services, and drop it back off to you. So you can cross “wait at the dealership for 2 hours” off your list forever.

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LifetimeTech Support

Technology is amazing! When it works… And the number of technology features in every new vehicle can be dizzying and even intimidating. Adaptive Cruise, Carplay, Infotainment, Lane Keep Assist, Integrated Dynamics System, Collision Mitigation… the list goes on and on. Enjoy our Lifetime Tech Support, because we believe you should understand and take advantage of all the amazing features in your new car.