What to Keep in Your Car Emergency Kit

Whether Old Man Winter has his icy grip on the city or the blazing-hot sun is scorching the streets, there are always dangers lurking around. As quickly as a snap of your fingers, you could find yourself in the midst of a critical situation. It may be medical or mechanical, and you can be prepared with an emergency kit in your car.

Here are a handful of items to keep in your emergency kit.

First Aid Kit

You’re probably not in the medical field, so you don’t need all the professional-grade equipment or a massive kit. A basic first aid kit is all you require, equipped with the standard items. Various sizes of bandages, gauze, medical tape, sterilized wipes, scissors, tweezers, and a few safety pins should do the trick. You can get an inexpensive first aid kit at any grocery store or pharmacy.

Emergency Snacks

If you’re lost or stuck somewhere without any help coming, you may need some nourishment. Keep a small stash of high-calorie snacks in your emergency kit. Granola bars, fruit snacks, chocolate bars, and jerky are all good options to choose. If you come across a diabetic person in distress, you can help them too.

Drinking Water

You’d be surprised how thirsty you get when there’s trouble at hand, summer or winter. Keep a few bottles of water in your kit to stay hydrated until help comes. It’s also good for flushing wounds. Just make sure you conserve your water.

Basic Tool Kit

You’re not going to repair a major breakdown but you might be able to get to safety. Store a small selection of hand tools in your emergency kit that includes a few screwdrivers, a utility knife, a socket set, and some rope. You may need to get creative to get back in action!

Automotive Fluids

If there’s going to be long stretches of road without a service station, bring some fluids for your car as well. If there are mechanical issues, you may need to top up on your own. Bring engine oil, transmission fluid, premixed engine coolant, power steering fluid, and brake fluid on road trips. A milk crate or bin can keep your emergency kit all neatly tucked away in your trunk. If you don’t need to use your kit (we hope you don’t), switch out the food and water annually with fresh supplies.