It Isn’t Too Early to Think About Winter Car Care

The leaves are turning colors and you need to rake the yard. There’s a chance of frost overnight. Using the air conditioning happens less frequently and you’ve scheduled a furnace tune-up. It’s autumn, and that means the snow and cold aren’t far away. And while you’re getting your home ready, have you considered winter car care yet?

What’s Required for Winter Car Care on an Acura?

The bad news is that winter is coming. The good news is there isn’t much to do for your Acura’s winter car care. But what there is, is important. It should be done every fall before the snow flies, or very soon after.

Check Your Battery Condition

Your car battery’s life is approximately three to five years, although proper care can mean it lasts longer. Have your battery tested to ensure it is healthy to last the winter and beyond. Ensure the charging system is keeping the battery fully charged also. If your battery tests as ‘weak’ or ‘failed’, have it replaced before it leaves you stranded.

Have Your Tires Inspected

For good handling on winter roads, your tire pressures need to be at their recommended pressure. Also, during winter you should check your tire pressures whenever the temperature changes to accommodate for pressure fluctuations. Better yet, install a set of dedicated winter tires and rims on your Acura. Ask the service or parts departments at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield for your options.

Make Sure the Fluids are Full and in Good Condition

It’s easy enough to do, and it’s an important step. Check all the fluids under the hood to ensure the fluid capacities are full and the fluids are in good condition. Make sure your coolant is rated to handle at least the coldest temperature you expect to have during the winter to prevent engine damage.

Be Ready for Emergencies

Winter car care is so important to avoid unnecessary problems. But if something does occur, it’s good to be prepared. Carry the essential items for an emergency: a warm blanket, winter clothing, a candle, a first aid kit, and some calorie-dense food. Restock your kit if anything has expired, and keep it in your trunk or hatch faithfully. You may also want to carry booster cables and a shovel – in case you’re helping someone without an Acura get out of trouble!