Acura Lane Keep Assist

How to Use Lane Keeping Assist System

How to Use Lane Keeping Assist System on Your Acura

Every driver’s been there. You turn your head for a second to look for something, change the radio station, yell at the kids in the backseat, or even just sneeze. When you look forward a split second later, you’ve drifted over the center line, a car is honking at you, and you’ve just about caused an accident. It’s a gut check, but you can prevent it from happening if you have LKAS. Here’s how to use Lane Keeping Assist System on your Acura.

How Lane Keeping Assist System Works

Using a forward-mounted camera by the rearview mirror, your Acura detect lane markings on the road ahead of your vehicle. As you drive, the camera ensures you’re in the middle of the lane. What happens when you get too close to the edge of your lane? Your Acura give you some attitude. The steering wheel vibrates to get your attention, a tone will sound continuously, and an indicator is displayed on your MID. As well, torque is applied to your steering, gently bumping you back toward the middle of your lane.

Is LKAS Always On?

If you’re veering too close to the lane markings, LKAS lets you know. But if you’re signaling a lane change, braking, or the windshield wipers are on, LKAS is disabled momentarily. Careful, though! Lane Keeping Assist System only operates when you’re driving at highway speeds of 45 mph to 90 mph. Any faster or slower and LKAS isn’t activated. Another thing: if the weather or road conditions prohibit the camera from seeing the road lines, LKAS won’t work.

Turning LKAS On and Off

Need to turn LKAS off for awhile, such as if road construction is messing with your lanes? Simply press MAIN, then press the LKAS button. You’ll know it’s off when the MID lane markings disappear. Keep in mind that Lane Keeping Assist System is only meant as a convenience system. Don’t rely on it as a safety device because there are situations that it simply won’t operate. The best thing to keep you safe all the time is paying attention!