Head up Display on Acura

How to Use Head-Up Display

How Head-Up Display Works

A leading reason that collisions happen is because the driver is distracted. Don’t pretend you haven’t had a close call or an accident that way yourself! All it takes is a moment when you look away from the road to check your navigation screen, your smartphone, or even just the speedometer. But if your Acura has Head-Up Display, you can reduce your distractions and stay safer on the road.

What is Head-Up Display?

Think of a fighter jet pilot. They don’t have time to look at their gauges, so all the important information is projected onto a transparent screen directly in their line of sight. That’s the theory behind Head-Up Display as well. Your pertinent driving information is projected onto lower portion of the windshield on the driver’s side. As you’re piloting your Acura, you can clearly see details you need to keep you safe, and all without glancing away from the road one bit.

What Information Does Head-Up Display Project?

By pressing the APPS button to the left of the steering wheel, you can toggle between the available displays for Head-Up Display. You can view your current rate of speed, turn-by-turn navigation instructions, speed plus turn-by-turn, speed plus Adaptive Cruise Control and Lake Keeping Assist information, or a combination of it all. You can also display connected phone information like Bluetooth calling details, Apple CarPlay information, and AM or FM radio details.

Customizable Display

It’s extremely convenient and easy to use. Press the APPS button and toggle left and right to select your screen. Add or remove screens to streamline your experience. While you drive, you can change the viewable information with intuitive buttons right at your fingertips. Head-Up Display is available on many new Acura models like the all-new 2019 Acura RDX and the upscale Acura RLX. Find out more information when you visit Frank Leta Acura of Springfield.