Blind Spot Warning

How to Use Blind Spot Information System

How to Use Blind Spot Information System in an Acura

Following a slow-moving vehicle has become aggravating. You gotta get outta there, so you quickly signal into the opening the next lane over. As you start your lane change, a horn blares at you! A second look reveals the very tip of a bumper in your mirror, but the rest of the car is concealed from your view. You’ve narrowly avoided an accident! It’s an avoidable situation when your Acura is equipped with BSI. Here’s how to use Blind Spot Information System, or BSI, on an Acura.

What BSI is All About

Mounted on your outside mirrors, you’ll see little camera lenses. These cameras detect motion in the lane next to you from about the windshield pillar to half a car length behind your vehicle. It’s an area known as your blind spot, but you know this. When you drive an Acura with BSI, you’ll notice a little indicator on the outside rearview mirrors. When there’s a vehicle in your blind spot, that indicator lights up. Once the vehicle is no longer positioned in the zone beside you, the light goes off. Seems pretty simple, right? There’s more, though. You’re thinking about changing lanes but haven’t noticed the light yet. Once you initiate the turn signal lever in that direction, the light on the mirror begins to flash, trying to draw your attention.

When is Blind Spot Information System Active?

It would drive you crazy if BSI was on all the time. That’s why Blind Spot Information System is only active in certain situations. BSI operates when you’re traveling at speeds greater than 20 miles per hour so low-speed traffic doesn’t constantly turn the light on and off again. Same thing when you’re parking, in stop-and-go traffic, and sitting at a standstill. Like all driver-assistive systems in Acura models, Blind Spot Information System is an aid, not a safety system. While you shouldn’t rely on BSI to keep you safe at all times, it’s one extra way to help you prevent accidents and near misses while you drive. Interested in learning more about BSI? Stop in at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield to discover the Acura MDX, Acura RDX, and other models with Blind Spot Information System.