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How to Jump Start Your Battery

How to Jump Start Your Battery

It’s not as common as it used to be. A dead battery was a typical problem to encounter in years gone by, and everyone knew what to do about it. But with today’s cars, a dead battery doesn’t happen that often at all. It’s become a lost art to know how to jump start your battery. For experienced drivers, this will be a refresher. For first-time car owners or those who aren’t well-versed in car maintenance and repairs, it’s great information to learn. Follow this tutorial on how to jump start your battery – you’ll be a better motorist for it.

Here’s How to Jump Start Your Battery Step by Step

You’ll need just three things to jump start your battery. You need your vehicle (the one that needs a boost), a set of jumper cables, and a vehicle that’s running and has a fully-charged battery itself.

Step 1: Park the running car close enough to yours that the booster cables will reach.

You’ll need access under the hood on both vehicles, so park in a way that you can pop both hoods.

Step 2: Prepare to connect the cables.

This is easy but very important! On each end, hold the black and red clamps separate. If they touch when a battery is connected, it could spark, cause a fire, or injure you.

Step 3: Attach the booster cables to the dead battery.

Attach one of the black booster cable clamps to the negative battery terminal or a ground location on the chassis. It will be listed in your owner’s manual where you should connect on your car. Then, attach the red clamp to the positive battery terminal or jumping point. Also, make sure the cables aren’t going to be in the way of moving parts when the engine starts.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 with the boosting vehicle.

When connecting the booster cables to the ‘donor’, it’s a good idea to keep the engine running if it’s safe.

Step 5: Start your car.

Crank over the engine on the car with a dead battery. If the cables are connected properly, the engine should roar to life.

Step 6: Remove the battery booster cables.

Carefully remove the battery cables from both vehicles, making sure once again not to let the clamps touch at all.