Adjust Acura Seats

How to Adjust Your Seat Properly

How to Adjust Your Seat Properly

Have you ever wondered why some people get hurt in car accidents even when their car has airbags? The accident can barely trigger the airbags to deploy, and it’s possible to still get seriously hurt. Aren’t airbags supposed to prevent that? The problem isn’t the airbags – it’s the seat position. That’s why you need to know how to adjust your seat properly. Wait – is it possible to have your seat adjusted wrong, even when you’re comfortable? It is. However, if you’re armed with a little bit of knowledge, you’ll find a safe and comfy way to adjust your seat and keep everyone inside your car better protected.

The Right Way to Adjust Your Seat

Sit as Far Back as Possible

Adjust your seat rearward as much as you can. There are two important things: make sure you can reach the pedals, and keep your steering wheel at a distance. When you reach out to your steering wheel, your elbows should be slightly bent, holding the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions. If your Toyota has telescopic steering, you can adjust it for comfort.

Adjust the Seat Height

Many Toyota models and trims have a power-adjustable seat riser. It’s not just for short people either. Raise the seat bottom until you have a clear line of sight over the steering wheel. Bring the seat base up but ensure you still have easy access to the pedals with your toes.

Tilt the Seat

Gangsta or not, there’s never a good reason to tilt the seat back at a crazy angle while you’re driving. It’s meant for comfort. Tilt the seat back forward as much as you can – I know, it’s hard on your back. Then, lower it back bit by bit until the stress in your back is gone.

Why is the Seat Position So Important?

Airbags deploy at 200mph from the steering wheel and dashboard. Your car is designed with airbags that will help prevent injuries as long as you remain at least 10 inches away from them when deployed. The closer you sit to an airbag, the higher your chances of getting hurt unnecessarily in an accident.