When Your Fuel Mileage Doesn’t Seem Quite Right…

There’s simply no avoiding the gas station when you own a car. If you plan on driving your Acura, you’ll need to fill the tank with fuel. But if it seems like it’s disappearing faster than it should or your fuel mileage isn’t as good as it once was, you there might be something going on. The good news is that it’s quite often something simple and inexpensive to correct.

Common Fuel Mileage Issues

Dirty Air Filter

Your Acura’s engine needs to breathe freely, and the air needs to be clean. If your air filter is plugged with dust, dirt, pollen, or any other stuff, it restricts airflow and chokes the engine. To run, it pulls in more fuel than before. Replace your dirty air filter. Usually, it’s around once per year it will require replacement, and it’s one of the lowest-priced items on your car. You can recapture lost MPGs with this simple maintenance item.

Low Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure means a smooth ride and even tire wear, but it also affects fuel mileage. When your tire pressures are low, there’s increased rolling resistance with the road surface. Your car needs to make more power for the same performance, which means burning more fuel. Check your tire pressures every time you fill up with fuel. Fill your tires to the spec on the driver’s door pillar, which is the optimum pressure for your Acura.

Wheel Alignment Issues

Your wheels look like they’re pointed straight ahead, but are they? Just a fraction of a degree variance from the proper wheel alignment specs can hurt your fuel mileage. Every year, have a wheel alignment performed. It can help detect suspension or steering issues, correct an off-center steering wheel, and realign your wheels for less road resistance.  

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Over time, the impurities in pump gas clog up your Acura’s fuel injectors. They’ll need to be cleaned, which is a process the Acura dealer can do simply and efficiently. Fuel injector cleaning will restore the optimum fuel spray pattern for the best burn inside the engine, making the most out of every drop of gas you put in the tank.   Need assistance improving your fuel mileage? Frank Leta Acura of Springfield is here to help. Our factory-trained technicians know what to do to help you get the best fuel mileage from your car. Call us or drop in for a visit to book your appointment.