Four Ways to Improve the World with Your Car

You’ve worked hard and made good decisions to get where you are. But there’s just no way to argue it: we’re blessed far beyond what we deserve. If you own a car, have good health, and have a warm place to go home to, you’re doing well for yourself. And so, with so many blessings at your disposal, why not try to improve the world using your car? It sounds unconventional, and maybe it is. That beautiful new Acura is capable of making the world a better place, if you choose to let it. Consider these four ideas – or think of your own – to use your car to improve the world.

Deliver Meals for Your Local Bank

Can you imagine the thankful people you’ll encounter when you bring them daily meals, weekly groceries, or a Christmas hamper? It’s impossible to stop helping at just once. It takes just an hour or two of your free time and can truly impact the people around you who need it.

Drive a Vet

The nation’s veterans can use your help. They’ve given so much of their time and their lives to keep America free, and it’s your turn to help them. Connect with a veterans association and offer your services as a driver. You could be called upon to run errands with a war vet, drive them to appointments, or take them to a job interview. Listen to their stories along the way, and make sure you say ‘thanks’.


Reduce your carbon footprint. Whenever you can, get together with other people who are going the same way. Carpooling reduces greenhouse gas production and saves you money on fuel. It literally helps improve the world.

Give Your Old Car to Charity

The car you would normally trade in at the dealership could be put to better use. Give your car to a local charity in exchange for a tax-deductible donation receipt. They’ll use your car to either raise money or to sell it for profit, helping the charity generate revenue quickly and easily. Plus, you’ll feel better about yourself!