Four Tips for the Best Trade In Value

You won’t own a car forever. At some point, there will come a time to upgrade to a new model. Of course, an Acura is always a good choice to make, regardless of what you drive right now. But whether you currently own an Acura or some other brand, you’ll want to get the best trade in value for your car. But how do you do that? Getting the most trade in value possible for your car sounds like a great idea, but are there things you can do to help boost it? Yes there are! In fact, there are several things you can do to get the best trade in value for your car.

Tips to Get the Best Trade In Value

Collect Your Maintenance Records

Gather up all the receipts you have for your routine maintenance and repairs since you’ve owned the car. Oil changes, tire replacements, timing belt changes – it all makes a difference. When you can show your complete, timely service history, the dealer knows the car has been cared for, which means lower reconditioning costs for them. Bring your maintenance records to the dealership when you’re trading in your car.

Fix Small Problems

If there are small concerns that you’ve been ignoring for a while, it could hurt your trade in value. Instead of just trading it in as-is, fix as many little negative things as you can. Perhaps the Check Engine light is on or a tire is leaking. The small investment into those repairs could boost your car’s value.

Clean Your Car

Wash the outside and vacuum the inside. Take out the clutter. Essentially, depersonalize your car to make it more attractive on trade. It seems like a small thing, but a clean car demonstrates to the dealer that you’ve cared for your car well.

Buy an Acura

For the best future trade in value, choose an Acura. Acura models have the highest retained value in their segment, meaning you can expect to get more on trade than a comparable vehicle. It actually makes sense to buy an Acura because it depreciates less than other cars!   Looking for a great trade in value? You’ll find fair, friendly sales professionals at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. Give our team the opportunity to evaluate your trade – we’re confident you’ll be satisfied!