Acura All Season Floor Mats

Four Acura Accessories You Should Have

How Have You Gone Without These Acura Accessories?

Your Acura’s already decked out in eye-catching alloy wheels and brilliant LED headlights. It has more visual appeal than you can handle. But there’s a way to make yours a little different than anyone else. It’s quick and easy, and it’s with Acura accessories. Whether you live an active lifestyle, need a little more organization in your life, or you just love having an attractive car or SUV, Acura accessories are available to do exactly what you want. But these four accessories should be the top of your list.

Rear Bumper Applique

This brushed aluminum finish looks sexy, and has Acura emblazoned in the middle. More importantly, it’s perfect to protect your rear bumper when you’re loading the trunk or hatch area with cargo. Easy to install, it’s a fantastic way to protect your investment’s value.

Remote Engine Start

Even in the summer, nights can get chilly. And the winter? It’s just cold all the time. Get your Acura’s engine warm and the interior cozy before you get inside with a remote engine starter from Acura accessories. The factory-trained technicians at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield will install it in no time, and you’ll enjoy year-round comfort with it. You can even cool the interior during the hot summer months!

Wheel Locks

Your wheels are sharp and stylish – you probably want to keep them, don’t you? Install a set of wheel locks from Acura accessories to protect your vehicle from wheel theft. It takes just minutes to install them and the special key pattern will ensure your wheels stay attached, no matter where you park in KCMO.

All-Season Floor Mats

The sloppy spring and fall, and the snowy winter are unavoidable in these parts. Salt stains and grimy carpets get worse every year – that is, unless you have all-season floor mats for your Acura. Molded to perfectly fit your model, these rubber mats have deep grooves to catch all that wetness and dirt for easy cleanup. Choose to install them yourself or have an Acura technician at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield install them for you. Acura accessories help your vehicle to look its best and work its best.