How Forward Collision Warning Works for You

Have you ever been in a situation when you haven’t noticed an obstacle on the road until the very last minute? There’s nothing that makes your heart beat so fast as narrowly avoiding an accident. To prevent you from experiencing unnecessary stress, many Acura models are equipped with Forward Collision Warning. It’s a driver-assistive feature that can prevent accidents and keep you and those around you safer.

What is Forward Collision Warning?

If your Acura has FCW, you’ll see a small camera mounted above your rearview mirror on the windshield. This forward-mounted camera watches the road diligently. Here’s what happens when the camera sees danger ahead:
  • You’ll see a warning. Forward Collision Warning watches for problems ahead of you. If it sees something in your way as you get near, it flashes a ‘brake’ warning indicator on your Multi-Information Display.
  • You’ll hear a warning. Along with that visual ‘brake’ warning, your Acura will make a series of beeps. If you haven’t noticed the warning light flashing at you, the beeping should get your attention!
  With an Acura equipped with Forward Collision Warning, it’s still up to you to apply the brakes. While the system is preemptive, letting you know when there’s danger before it’s too late, it doesn’t react for you.

How to Adjust Forward Collision Warning

Depending on your driving style, you might want to adjust the FCW system to better suit your needs. Its distance can be adjusted between Long, Normal, and Short, or you can turn it off altogether.
  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your car’s infotainment display.
  • Find and select ‘Vehicle Settings’.
  • In either the ‘Driver Assist System’ or ‘All’ tab, select the ‘Forward Collision Warning Distance’ option.
  • Choose the setting that fits your needs best. You can turn the system off also, but it’s recommended to keep it on for safer driving.
  Acura vehicles are equipped with some of the best safety and driver-assistive features on the market today. You’ll find an amazing selection of Acura models, many with Acura’s driver-assistive features, in stock at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. Visit us today to experience driving in a whole new way.