Should You Fix or Forget Your Clunker?

There’s a certain beauty in driving an old car. It’s a throwback to days gone by; a reminiscing of former technology and craftsmanship. After about 25 years, it can be called a classic. But if it’s not in good shape or it won’t reach classic status, it’s just a clunker. When you drive a clunker, it’s like an old pair of jeans. You know how it fits you, and you know how to use all the quirks and broken things. But it’s not long until a complete overhaul is necessary to keep the function. So do you toss your clunker or fix it?

Reasons to Keep Your Clunker

It’s paid off.

You don’t have car payments on your clunker, that’s true. It’s great to know you own your vehicle free and clear, even if you have repair bills piling up.

It’s comfortable.

Like a high school sweatshirt, it fits just right, even though it looks ratty. It doesn’t matter that much that there are more comfortable features in new cars…right?

It’s good on gas.

But there’s more to saving gas than taking the bus because your clunker didn’t start.

Reasons to Trash Your Clunker

New cars are more advanced.

New Acura models are among the industry’s most advanced in terms of comfort and convenience features. Heated seats, automatic climate control, infotainment systems, impeccable audio — it’s all top-of-the-line for Acura in every model.

New Acuras are a cut above.

From fit and finish to the materials used for upholstery, you won’t want to get back in your clunker once you experience the Acura touch. Premium grade leathers and fabrics adorn the interior as well as soft-touch plastics. You won’t have the creaky, squeaky driving experience anymore.

Your car is actually fuel efficient.

New powertrain technologies have made Acura models among the best in fuel efficiency as well as performance. The thrill of the drive – that’s what it’s all about. To get out of your clunker and into a new Acura of your choice, visit Frank Leta Acura of Springfield.