How Does a Dual Clutch Transmission Work?

You’ve seen a dual clutch transmission advertised by Acura for a few different vehicles. The Acura TLX, the Acura ILX and sport hybrid models use the dual clutch transmission to create the most performance-oriented experience from your Acura. But what is it all about? How does it work, and what does it do for you?

How a Dual Clutch Transmission Works

A normal automatic transmission only uses one clutch system inside. When you accelerate, the clutch enables the transmission to hold onto only the gear the transmission is currently using. When you speed up or slow down and the gear needs to change, the clutch must switch to another gear, up or down. A dual clutch transmission has two clutch packs inside, and the gears are separated into two groups – odd and even numbers. Reverse tags along with one of the groups. When a gear is engaged as you drive, that clutch is occupied…but the other clutch has the next gear, up or down, ready to engage. It happens in a split second, faster than you can manually shift a transmission.

What Does a DCT Do For You?

It Improves Acceleration Time

Initially, DCT transmissions were used solely for sports cars. On acceleration, it eliminates the delay between gears almost completely. DCT transmissions have almost no noticeable lag because the next gear is always ready to go.

It Eliminates Sluggish Shifts

When you’re driving a car in a spirited manner, or even in normal driving conditions, a normal automatic transmission can feel sloppy. A DCT transmission ‘tightens up’ the feeling, so shifts don’t feel so soft. Forget about shift flares!

They Improve Reliability

A dual clutch transmission is one of the most reliable designs you’ll find. While they may be somewhat exclusive for certain models, you can be assured they’re unlikely to experience the same problems as a normal automatic transmission.   Have you experienced a dual clutch transmission yet? It’s time you did. Visit Frank Leta Acura of Springfield to feel the difference a DCT transmission makes. But be warned: you’ll want to take it home with you.