Don’t Neglect a Tire Rotation, and Here’s Why

When you buy any vehicle, including an Acura, you’ll receive an owner’s manual and other ownership documents. One of those includes a recommended maintenance schedule, which is the best way to keep your vehicle maintained while you own it. It has your typical services: oil and filter changes, transmission services, coolant changes, and so on. But it also has a frequent service in its pages – a tire rotation. It seems silly, doesn’t it? All four tires are on the same vehicle and turn at the same speed. Why would they need to be rotated? It’s a service that people neglect because they don’t understand the necessity. So, here it is. Here are four reasons you shouldn’t neglect the tire rotation whether you drive an Acura or another make.

Why a Tire Rotation is Necessary

It Evens the Wear on All Four Tires

Your tires turn at the same speed, but not all your tires wear evenly. Drive wheels – those that propel your car forward – will experience more wear. Front wheels do the majority of braking too, and that means more friction and wear. When your tires are rotated frequently, they all experience the same amount of wear over their lifetime, meaning they all last longer.

It Improves Traction

Worn-out tires can’t grip as well, and that makes sense. When you rotate your tires, the better tires will be put to the front where they will grip better. Better traction means safer driving.

A Tire Rotation Can Indicate Hidden Problems

When your tire rotation is performed, a technician can tell from the tire tread if there is something that needs attention. Low tire pressure, over-inflation, and improper wheel alignment can be detected just from your tire condition.

You Get a Complimentary Inspection

When your wheels are off, other problems might be seen that aren’t found otherwise. Loose suspension or steering components, worn brakes, and other issues can be seen by a technician when your wheels have been removed for a tire rotation.   A tire rotation is important for your vehicle’s health, whether you drive an Acura or any other vehicle. Visit Frank Leta Acura of Springfield to have your tires rotated and other routine maintenance performed by factory-trained professionals.