Don’t Forget to Check Your Fluids!

Whether you own a brand new Acura MDX, you’re leasing an Acura ILX or your Acura TL has a few years under its belt, proper maintenance will keep it running at peak performance and trouble-free. Between maintenance visits to your Acura dealer, though, you are tasked with a few simple items. You need to keep your tires properly inflated, fill your fuel tank, and check your fluids.   Often neglected, you should check your fluids at least once a month. Ideally, you should check your fluids every time you fill up at the gas station. You can prevent major problems from occurring by catching minor issues before they are out of control. Here’s what to look for:

Check Your Engine Oil

Your engine oil helps keep your engine cool, lubricates and cleans internal components, and prevents corrosion inside your engine. When you check your engine oil, it should be between the ‘full’ and ‘add’ lines on the dipstick. The color should be a golden or honey brown. When it’s close to your oil change interval, it will be darker brown. If your engine oil is low, top it up with the grade of oil listed on your oil cap. If it’s very dark, schedule an oil change service for your Acura.

Check Your Transmission Fluid

Some Acuras don’t have a transmission dipstick so you have to rely on your dealership to check it. If you have a dipstick on your Acura, look for a cherry red color. It shouldn’t be brown, nor should it smell burnt. If it does, it’s time to schedule your Acura for a transmission service.

Check the Brake Fluid

Your brake fluid starts out a very light brown color when it’s new. Over time, it turns a golden brown, then darker when it’s time to change it. If your fluid is low or smells burnt, have it changed at your next opportunity!

Check Your Coolant

Your engine coolant whisks heat from your engine to the radiator where it’s dispersed into the air. To keep your engine from overheating, your coolant should always be full in the radiator and reservoir. Top it up with premixed coolant when required. Only check the engine coolant when your engine is cold or you could be badly burnt!