Your Car Battery Might Be Toast and You Don’t Know It

It often comes as a shock. You try to start your car but when you turn the key, there’s no response. Your doors strangely didn’t unlock with the key fob. The lights don’t come on. The radio doesn’t play your favorite song that you’ve set to repeat. And when you try to start the car, there’s nothing. No click. No purr from the engine compartment. Your car battery is stone dead. Your car battery has a life expectancy. For most vehicles, it is usually between three and five years. In harsh conditions it’s shorter, and in mild areas, it can be longer.

How Do You Know When Your Car Battery is Toast?

You may have missed a few early indicators. While a select few batteries simply fail immediately, most will give off a few symptoms first. You might notice a slight flicker from your headlights at night. Your battery might not have the power to support your headlights as well as it used to. It can be difficult to detect. Your engine may turn over slower than normal. When you turn the key, it may feel like your engine is a little more tired before it roars to life. It’s the extra draw on the battery that makes it start slower. You could experience a few funny electrical issues. A dashboard indicator could light up erroneously once in awhile or your radio stations could reset to their factory defaults. The power windows may even move slower than normal. Or, you might need a boost. That’s a pretty good indication.

Can You Detect a Failing Car Battery Before It Leaves You Stranded?

Luckily, when you service your car at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield, you can have your battery tested as part of your routine maintenance. A factory-trained technician will perform a computerized car battery test to determine its health. If it’s weak or failing, it can be replaced before you experience the frustration of a dead battery.   It’s a great time to have your car battery tested before the extreme temperatures of winter, as well as the heat that summer brings. Have the experienced service team at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield determine if your car battery has the strength to get you through the winter.