Bad Driving Habits – Are You Guilty?

When you learn to drive, it’s all prim and proper. Hand are positioned at 9 and 3 on the steering wheel, you have perfect posture, and you obey every rule of the road to the letter. But once you’ve had your driver’s license for a while, you get comfortable behind the wheel. And every develops their own bad driving habits.   Some of the bad driving habits you might pick up are just sloppy while others are dangerous. Some can affect your wallet while others can affect your safety and the safety of others.  

Which Bad Driving Habits Are You Guilty of Doing?

Changing Lanes or Turning Without Signaling

The lever on the left side of your steering wheel turns on a flashing light. It shows other traffic around you where you intend on going. It’s mandatory by law to use it whenever you drive, but it’s one of the bad habits everyone falls into. Use your turn signal to avoid accidents, close calls, and to avoid frustrating other drivers. You’ll also prevent a ticket, should an officer spot you turning without using your signal.

Distracted Driving

Most places in the country, using a cell phone while driving is a ticketable offence. That doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent, though. The problem is that distracted driving can be attributed to roughly half of the accidents in the country. Keep your cell phone put away while you’re in the driver’s seat. It can save you and others from an accident or injury.

Eating while Driving

It’s not illegal, but it’s another form of distracted driving. Whether you’ve picked up a burger and fries from the drive-thru or a sloshing bowl of cereal from home, you need to take at least one hand off the wheel to take a bite. Whenever possible, park your car if you need to have a meal. If you must eat while you drive, try to do so when you’re at a stop light. Don’t let it distract you from safe driving.

Stopping in a Merge Lane

When you’re entering the interstate or highway, the merge lane is meant for you to match the rate of speed on the highway. You can then slip into traffic without cutting off cars. Stopping in the merge lane and waiting for an opening can disrupt the traffic flow significantly. When you’re merging, accelerate to the same speed as moving traffic, then signal to slide into the flow. Don’t stop in the lane unless it’s absolutely necessary.