How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work?

Few things are more annoying than following traffic that can’t seem to hold a steady speed. You can set your cruise control, but every so often you’re pressing ‘Coast’ or tapping the brake pedal to slow down. Then you have to resume your cruise control setting or re-set it altogether. And that’s how Adaptive Cruise Control came to exist. It’s a fantastic feature that eliminates the need to constantly adjust your cruise control settings. Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow is available on most Acura models.

Here’s how it works:

  • A front-facing camera and a radar sensor detect vehicles ahead of you on the road.
  • The sensors determine the distance to the vehicle in front of you.
  • A predetermined follow distance is maintained by adjusting your vehicle speed automatically.
  • If necessary, Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow will bring you to a safe, controlled stop.
  • You can easily resume your Adaptive Cruise setting by tapping the accelerator when at a low speed.
While Adaptive Cruise Control will lightly apply the brakes, it’s a convenience feature and not a safety feature. You should always be prepared in the event emergency braking is necessary.

How to Use Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow operates much like a conventional cruise control system.
  • Press the “Main” button on the steering wheel. ACC will display on the vehicle’s MID screen.
  • Cruise control won’t set until you’ve achieved 25 miles per hour.
  • When you’ve reached your desired speed, press the cruise control button towards Set/-. On the MID, the vehicle set speed will be displayed as well as four distance bars for your desired follow distance, from short to very long.
  • A dotted vehicle icon will show if the way ahead of you is clear. When a vehicle is detected ahead of you, a solid icon is shown.
  • When you approach the vehicle ahead of you, Adaptive Cruise Control will slow your speed to maintain a safe following distance, right down to a stop.
  • You can adjust your set speed using the steering wheel controls just like normal cruise control. In fact, you can also select normal cruise control mode if you desire.
If you have questions about your Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow or any other concerns about your Acura’s features, feel free to contact one of the sales or service specialists at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield. We’d be happy to help!