Acura of Springfield – 2016 Acura RDX

With seating for 5, the 2016 Acura RDX is relatively small for an SUV, but still provides plenty of power, along with great fuel efficiency. The 2016 model has been completely restyled, with a new grille and LED headlights and taillights, along with new trim for the interior. So what else can you expect from the new Acura RDX? Let’s take a look. Interior Features The 2016 Acura RDX is designed to keep you comfortable. That’s why it features automatic climate control, which allows both the driver and front passenger to set their own individual temperature preferences, and be kept cool or warm to their exact specifications, without bothering the other. There’s also an optional GPS climate control, which senses the intensity of the sun in relation to the vehicle, and automatically integrates that information into its settings for keeping each side of the vehicle at its pre-specified temperature. Climate control functions are even adjustable via voice command. The RDX also features great entertainment options. In addition to a standard, seven-speaker audio system, it also has a large display to provide you with detailed information on what you’re listening to. But, say you’re on a road trip, and don’t know any of the local radio stations. By pushing the automatic preset select button, the radio will automatically find the strongest stations in the area and allow you to program your favorites. Press the button again when you get home, and your regular favorite stations return to the preset spots where you placed them. Of course, radio is far from your only option. The system can also accommodate your iPod or other mp3 device, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Pandora, and much more. And it comes with automatic speed-sensitive volume control, which adjusts your volume to compensate for the surrounding traffic noise. Exterior Features The outside of the 2016 RDX is just as stylish and accommodating as the inside. And it’s built not just for style, but for safety as well. A multi-view rear camera comes standard, allowing you a much clearer view of what’s behind you than your rearview mirror alone can provide, anytime you back up. Or, say you’re backing out of a parking space, with a large truck beside you, obstructing your view of any oncoming cross traffic. If there is someone coming, there’s a good chance neither of you will see each other until it’s too late. But with the RDX’s optional rear cross traffic monitor, you can see clearly if anyone is coming, and avoid a collision. The RDX also has bright, Jewel Eye LED headlights, which help you see the road ahead more clearly, even in pitch darkness. Your visibility can also be aided by rain-sensing windshield wipers. They can sense the moisture on your windshield and adjust the wiper speed accordingly, so that you don’t have to turn it up or down continually as the rain ebbs and flows. Another optional feature is the remote engine start. This allows you to start the engine from your remote, before entering the vehicle, allowing the environmental settings a few extra moments to make the cabin comfortable before you get in. These are just a few of the features available on the 2016 Acura RDX SUV. Stop by Acura of Springfield today, and let us help you customize an RDX for your personal needs, at a price you can afford.

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