What is Acura Hybrid Technology All About?

For all carmakers in today’s marketplace, fuel efficiency is the name of the game. Cars need to go further on every gallon of gas to meet federal standards for fuel economy. Yet, customers demand that vehicles are just as powerful and enjoyable to drive. That’s a difficult task, but it’s exactly what Acura hybrid technology is all about.

What is Acura Hybrid Technology?

Acura hybrid vehicles have a specific type of system known as Sport Hybrid. It’s a system that retains fuel efficiency in the models that have it without increasing emissions. Also, it does so without compromising on performance. It actually enhances performance. A few key components make up the Acura hybrid powertrain:

Acura Sport Hybrid Battery

During deceleration, power is harvested with regenerative braking and stored in a lithium-ion battery pack. This power is held until required by the Acura hybrid twin motor unit.

Acura Hybrid Twin Motor Unit

Between the rear wheels is a twin motor unit. Essentially, it’s two electric motors that provide instantaneous torque to the rear wheels on demand. Each rated at 36 horsepower, it’s an incredibly efficient way to turn a gas-powered front-wheel-drive vehicle into an AWD model. The twin electric motors are controlled individually for supreme traction in any conditions. It reduces the effort the gas engine needs to exert. An additional electric motor assists at the front wheels with an extra 47 horsepower. Under light use or accelerating from a stop, electric power is often all that’s required.

The Gas Engine

Under the hood of an Acura hybrid vehicle is a gas-powered engine. Acura uses a 3.0-liter V6 for Sport Hybrid models, creating 257 horsepower for premium performance. And while the gas-powered engine makes the most power, electric motors can engage separately. That makes for the most efficient operation.   Nothing quite explains the Acura hybrid system like using it. Experience Sport Hybrid in the Acura MDX, Acura RLX, and the halo car, the Acura NSX. You’ll find your favorite Acura in stock today at Frank Leta Acura of Springfield.