5 Tips for Car Care this Summer in Springfield

You’ve already reserved your spot on the patio for Friday night. You’re working on your beach body at the gym. All the fresh summer produce is hitting the shelves at the market. But have you considered the car care your Acura deserves after the long winter? Winter can be quite harsh on your car. From the salt from the roads to the long, arduous crank time when you need to start your car in freezing temperatures, winter is as difficult for your car as it is for you. Now that the weather has turned, it’s time to do something about it. After all, your Acura earned itself some pampering, didn’t it?

Here are 5 car care tips for your Acura this summer:

  1. Detail your car thoroughly. The road salt leaves residue on your paint but it also leaves stains on your carpet and buildup on your undercarriage. Since the inclement cold weather has passed, get your Acura professionally detailed to remove all that corrosive salt from your car. Not only will your car last longer but you’ll feel good about driving a clean car!
  2. Get your battery tested. The winter is tough on your battery. Cold weather starting cuts into your battery’s reserves, taking its toll on your battery’s life expectancy and reliability. If your battery is three to five years old, it’s probably almost time for a new one.
  3. Change your engine oil. During the cold weather, condensation forms in your engine oil from the wild changes in temperature. The condensation, left unattended, can cause corrosion inside your engine that can create problems in the future. Spring and early summer is a great time to change your engine oil to remove all that moisture.
  4. Rotate your tires. Your tires have been spinning on slippery roads and they could use a change. The drive tires, typically your front tires on Acuras, wear faster than the rear tires. To get the most tread life from them, rotate your tires every 6-8,000 miles. Spring and fall services are a great time to do so.
  5. Buff the paint. Polish your car every six months to restore its shine. Also, buff the paint to remove those pesky scuffs from door dings and shopping carts when you’re parked at the mall.
Summertime car care is essential to a long and healthy life for your Acura. Bring your Acura car or SUV into Acura of Springfield for a summer inspection and service to start the season out right!